Introducing our Beeswax Candle Collection!

Introducing our Beeswax Candle Collection!

Have you heard about our latest candle collection? We’re introducing our candles with all natural benefits! This is a collection we have been working on for several months and we are proud to release as a new item!
The beeswax
There is a beautiful story about the wax in this new collection. We have partnered with BeeHive Yourself to bring this new collection to life. We met the owners of BeeHive Yourself at a Black Farmer’s Market in Durham, NC. We shared our plans of adding beeswax candles into our line and asked if they would partner with us. They instantly agreed and we received our first shipment of wax to begin testing with. Beehive Yourself is owned by a black beekeeper out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. These beekeepers make various flavors of honey and their own line of beeswax candles! We are so proud to work with these amazing beekeepers and keep the supply chain in North Carolina with people of color.
The process
There was a major learning curve in dealing with this wax. We did a lot of research and a lot of testing in order to pull this collection together.  The first set of testing was an epic failure. Like really bad. But we kept at it and finally figured it out after a couple of months of research.
We received the beeswax in its natural form which includes dirt particles and debris. Once it’s shipped to us, we warm it up and filter the wax through 100% cotton sheets. We repeat this process three times to remove all the dirt from the natural wax.
Once it is fully filtered, we turn it into our line of beeswax candles. We added color options for the line to make it more aesthetically pleasing for our brand. Of course, we have our all-natural option but wanted to also add a little color, especially with the warmer weather ahead. The coloring process was another major learning curve. At first, we wanted more pastel colors but quickly discovered that is not an option with all-natural beeswax. We didn’t want to strip the natural color to achieve our vision, so we netted out with the more saturated color options. They are still beautiful and surprisingly are enjoying the more saturated colors in the line!
The packaging
Let’s break down the details of the packaging of our beeswax candles. The first thing you will see is our kraft boxes. These boxes are made of 100% recycled cardboard and can easily be recycled. We hand stamp our logo on two corners of the boxes and add our beeswax seal to the front. This beeswax seal has two purposes: 1) a certification that this is 100% all-natural beeswax filtered by us; 2) easily identify the color of the beeswax in the candle. This seal can also be added into your beeswax candle or added to a wax melt to continue to enjoy in your home.
Our filtered beeswax candles are also housed in vessels made of 100% recycled glass. So cool right! In addition to the vessels made of recycled glass, the cork lids on these candles are natural cork which is recyclable and biodegradable. We made sure we were keeping our promise to take care of the environment in our packaging!
The benefits
Most people automatically want to know what the actual benefits of beeswax are. Beeswax is made from a 100% renewable resource gifted to us by bees. This means it is a natural resource that doesn’t require extensive processing. It’s literally gifted to us naturally. Beeswax is naturally scented with aromas of honey without any additives (along with a long, clean burn life). The primary benefit (and our fav) is the all-natural air purifying benefits of beeswax.
Beeswax asks as a natural air purifier. When beeswax burns, negative ions are released into the air and bind with the positive ions in the air such as dust, pollen, odors, toxins that may be floating in you air. This helps to remove the pollutes creating cleaner, more pure air.


Place your order soon and try out our all-natural beeswax candles today! We guarantee you will enjoy them and the benefits they add to your home!


Remember folks, life is short. Light the candles.


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