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From the home delivery, to the minimal packaging, hand written note, and amazing candle - I am thrilled. The scent of the candle makes you feel warm and cozy at home. Will definitely be trying other scents.


These candles are wonderful. The fragrance is "outdoorsy" and "Christmassy" -- exactly what I wanted. Working with MultifacetedGSO has been a pleasure. My candles were received promptly in a well packed box. Communicating with the Etsy vendor has been easy and timely. I will definitely be ordering from MultifacetedGSO in the future. In fact, I couldn't gift my first order and had to reorder for the intended gifts!


This candle is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to burn it, but I’m simply going to enjoy looking at it for a bit. I love that these are crafted in an ecologically conscious way!