New Spring Scent Collection! (a little late but better than never)

New Spring Scent Collection! (a little late but better than never)

Well, this blog post is super super late. Can you tell multifaceted™ has taken quite a bit of my time lately? It’s honestly been amazing. I’m learning so much and meeting so many amazing people and supporters along the way. I planned to have this blog post out shortly following our multifaceted™ seasonal scent launch but time (clearly) has gotten away from me.


So, let’s talk about SPRING! Spring is here along with pollen and crazy weather temperatures. I wanted to create a collection of scents that easily put people in the mood for warmer weather along with a great experience while burning in your home. Every scent went through multiple testing and extensive scent selections to bring this collection to your home. After much debate, mostly with myself, I decided to bring three key scents to life: clean, spring and Pilates.


Clean is inspired by the spirit of spring cleaning. My mother always made my sister and I do a deep clean every spring and it was completely dreadful. I have now taken that same spring-cleaning concept into my adult life, but I still dread it every single year. I thought a lot about cleaning and decided why not make a candle scent that is inspired by the spirit of spring cleaning! I always tell people it is the easiest way to “clean” your house. You can move the couch and clean the blinds, or you can simply light this scent. Either way, I promise I will never tell.


Spring was the easiest of the collection to identify. I sample scents quite often and when I came across this scent, I instantly feel in love. Spring is one of the most unique fragrances I’ve experienced. It is a beautifully unique blend of fresh coconuts and green bamboo. It is BY FAR one of our strongest candle scents believe it or not. The smell is so intense that it will cannibalize any other smell in your home. I light it when I need a “quick scent fix” in my home, especially after I burn my bacon in the morning (this happens often due to improper multitasking). Spring continues to fill your home with its powerful aroma well after the flame is extinguished.


My absolute favorite scent of this collection is Pilates. This scent is my favorite because I made it myself. It is a 100% exclusive scent to multifaceted™ and cannot be found elsewhere. I came up with this scent one day after going into my scheduled weekly workout at Core Integrity Pilates here in Greensboro, NC. On this day, the owner, Amanda, had a unique blend in her diffuser that instantly lifted my mood and captured me fully. I knew as soon as I experienced it, I had to make it a candle. The blend, again, was created by me! I have quite a few blends that I make for multifaceted™, but this is by far the most complex. It is a blend of essential and synthetic oils that work together to bring an amazing experience of lavender, eucalyptus, and mint. It is an insane spirit lifter every time I burn it. I like to light this candle when I am working long hours to help me focus and stay positive throughout the day.


The other special note about the Pilates scent from our spring collection is that we partnered with Core Integrity Pilates to allow anyone that purchased a Pilates scent candle to try out Pilates for FREE! This was such a blessing to offer to multifaceted™ fans. If you have our Pilates candle and would like to try out a complimentary virtual Pilates session, just shoot me an email and we will get you squared away!


Our seasonal spring collection is out and available for purchase (limited quantities available) for you to experience. Be sure to try all three and let us know your favorite! In the meantime, let’s get ready for warmer weather ahead and additional scents that are on the way!!


Remember, life is short. Burn the candles.



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