Announcement: Never hide who you are

Announcement: Never hide who you are

ReOne year ago, I decided to finally take a picture of myself as the face behind multifaceted™. I had been hiding myself from letting people know who I was out of, well, fear. I didn’t want people to know that multifaceted™ was owned by a black woman. I decided that I would build the brand without allowing myself to be seen. I even wore gloves in product videos to hide my skin tone.


What is the reason for this you may ask? Well, there can be a major negative connotation with black business owners, especially startups.  Black business owners are not given the same opportunities as many others and face bigger challenges when trying to get capital and loans for their business. There’s also a preconceived notion of “oh that’s a black business so it’s likely poorly ran.” One day, I decided this was absolutely ridiculous and I decided to stop hiding. This ended up being one of the BEST decisions I’ve made as a business owner. Don’t ever, ever, ever, run from yourself.


Today, the image of took of myself is by far the most used image for multifaceted™. It captures both the essence of the brand and the me, the owner. Every time I see it, it makes me smile. I will never, ever hide who I am.


Now, let’s capture what has happened in the past year since I’ve taken this image. So many good things have happened. It has been one hell of an amazing journey.


Since taking the image, I have grown multifaceted™ into an LLC that is a fully functioning business in the state of North Carolina. The brand is also trademarked with the United States of America (huge, HUGE, huge accomplishment here people!)


I’ve also learned more than I ever imagined. I knew going into owning a business that I would learn a great deal. The biggest challenge has been knowing all the ins and outs of running a great business. This is not common knowledge and things are not laid out very easily for business owners. Thankfully, I have been gifted with AMAZING mentors and fellow entrepreneur friends that have helped me with staying up to date on books, government regulations and taxes to name a few. These people have been such a blessing in helping me navigate business ownership.


In the past year, I’ve continued to build multifaceted™ into new product segments that still serve a purpose. I have managed to add in seasonal scents as well as special edition candles that celebrate humanity. These editions have been so great that I’m struggling to keep them in stock!


Multifaceted™ also has a new ecommerce site that holds SO MUCH. On this site, you can place your order for products and I’m in the process of adding candle pour experiences to the site along with WHOLESALE! These gems keep falling in my life and I’m so grateful. Every day, I can’t believe I’m working so hard and I’m so happy that I’m building the life I want for myself. It’s such a blessing.


So, what’s next for multifaceted™? The plan is to continue to build the brand locally in Greensboro as well as nationwide. I have a strong desire to really make a difference in the industry with creative items that also celebrate more than just being a gorgeous candle. We have a purpose to serve both our planet and people while admiring the beauty of flowers in our products.


I must say, I will never hide who I am ever again. I am here to show people that you can build the life of your dreams no matter how you look or the skin you were born in. Take my advice, never hide who you are. It is only a disservice to yourself.


I’d like to thank you all for continuing to be a part of the journey as we build out multifaceted™ to be a household name making the world brighter. One candle at a time.


Remember, life is short. Burn the candles.


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