Christmas Time is Here!!!! And we're excited about it (and our latest Holiday collection)

Tis the season for Holidays quickly approaching! Good thing for you is that our Multifaceted™ Christmas scents are here to help you get in the mood, if you aren’t already. We are writing a short blog to share more about our AMAZING Holiday scent brought to you by this brand that we are so proud of, Multifaceted™. 
Let’s start with our best-selling Holiday scent, Bohemian Christmas.  This blend is an amazing combination of two of our favorite Christmas trees, Alpine Fir and Fraser Fir. Bohemian Christmas will warm up your home with the classic aromas of the Holiday season with notes of cedar, alpine needles, Frasier fir needle, cinnamon, cranberries, and crisp apples. Our Multifaceted™ fans purchase multiples of this amazing scent to create the scents of real Christmas trees in their homes. It’s really amazing. 
The next scent is our take on the classic Christmas time sweet, candy cane. Candy cane beautifully blends together sugar, mint and white chocolate to bring this candle’s scent title to uplift the smell of your home. We worked really hard to create a moment with this scent that took you back to childhood.
Speaking of childhood, we created a very nostalgic sweet scent, and probably my personal favorite, that we easily named gingerbread. Y’all, I cannot express how perfect this scent is. It reminds me of when my grandmother would make gingerbread cookies when I was growing up. Imagine a blend of molasses, ginger, nutmeg, honey, sugar and vanilla all perfectly blended together. So, so good.
Next up is the last of our “Christmas” blends. We brought back our scent that strangely captures Christmas, sleigh ride. This aroma is a unique blend that resembles the smell of fruit cake in a strangely satisfying way. With Sleigh Ride, we capture a little sweet and spice while balancing everything out with more natural Christmas smells. Sleigh Ride blends the sweet of apples and oranges with the spice of cinnamon and clove. The more natural elements that come into play with this scent are the bayberry, holly, pine and cedarwood. This is one of our most sophisticated blends in our collection. You are sure to enjoy it
The last two scents in our Holiday roster are more seasonal than Christmas. We offer two beautiful scents that capture the essence of the cooler weather and instantly allow you to feel warm and cozy. Our coziest scent is our Sweater Weather scent. Sweater Weather is for our fans that want something that instantly makes them want to stay home and be warm. We blend quite a few of our favorite scented oils to bring Sweater Weather to quickly register with your brain. This is a blend of bergamot, cotton, heirloom mahogany, musk, and cotton to bring you this amazingly cozy scent. As soon as you light this candle, you will instantly want to curl up with a blanket and read a book or binge watch Netflix. It’s amazing.
Last in our collection is Winter. If you like scents that smell like an expensive spa experience, then this is the scent for you. Winter is a special blend that reminds you of cooler weather with a spa like enhancement. It sounds crazy but that’s exactly what it reminds us of. In our Winter scent, we blend musk, amber, crisp greens, winter lily, jasmine, and lavender to bring this spa like aroma.
There’s good news about all these amazing scents! If you can’t pick your favorite, you can try them all! We recently just added a sample pack of the Holiday scent collection! This sample pack includes one jumbo tealight of each of the six scents covered here. Each scent will burn between 8-10 hours each. They make amazing gifts and also welcome up to try out each scent before committing to your fav!
We will chat again soon. In the meantime, enjoy the Holiday season and all the magic it brings.
And remember, life is short. Burn those candles.
Christina Degreaffenreidt



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