Flowers, Flowers Everywhere! Mostly in our candles and on our new YouTube!

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere! Mostly in our candles and on our new YouTube!

If you haven’t seen already, we launched a new YouTube site with a focus on one of our favorite candle characteristics, flowers! Our multifaceted™ YouTube site caters to our love of flowers and offers a creative place to showcase our flower skills. I have been trying to figure out how to turn my flower obsession into something that could be shared with others but not necessarily offering flower arrangements for purchase. After a lot of prayer and planning, I was happy to launch a new platform that allows me to be, well, me. And I get to show people how to make super affordable flower arrangements with flowers from their local markets and grocery stores!


The key focus of this channel is to show you how to accent your home with fresh flowers that smell (and look) amazing. The cost for most of the bouquets I make are between $8-$20. Super affordable right! I also provide tips and tricks on how to prolong the life of your arrangements by using household items in your home.


Watch our new YouTube channel to learn more and share our love of floral design to add to your home!


Speaking of flowers, have you seen our newly redesigned flower top candles!! The details on these beauties are insane. I am beyond proud of them. They make me so happy, and I am grateful to have the ability to pass my personal love of flowers and candles to your home.


Our flower tops really are handcrafted works of art. The process of getting these made exclusively for multifaceted™ was a process. First, I had to get a 3D designer to make 3D sketches for me. This was a process. After months of searching, I was able to find one person to bring my visions to life. After several revisions and perfecting, I finally had my exclusive designs. They make me smile every time I look at them.


I wanted to find local creators to partner with to have my products created. Apparently, everyone else had the same idea. I was looking forward to working with a local maker’s group here in Greensboro, NC called The Forge. The Forge had a waitlist at the time, and I was on a tight timeline (as always). My next move was to go to Etsy. I figured I could find someone in the world to bring these flower tops to life for my candles! I did find someone who came and saved the day! I partnered with a company (and female owned - whoop whoop!) based in Denver, Colorado. She was able to have my flower designs created within 3 weeks! What a blessing right!


As I mentioned, these flower tops have been a process. I have learned so much in the creative process. I have learned to keep your vision and find alternative options to execute your vision. I have learned to never allow someone to alter your vision and/or make it into something they think is best. As all previous blog post, I naturally go into a life lesson so, here we go!


When you are given a clear vision and/or purpose that you have prayed for, stand on it. There will be others that try and alter your vision or project onto you what they think is best. Try to steer away from changing your vision to accommodate others. It is 100% ok to “clean up” a vision or work with someone to fine tune your vision but you must know and remember what has been placed in you. The fact that I am building a brand around a flower and home décor obsession is insane to many. But it was placed in me to execute this vision.


I type all this to say, no matter how silly or crazy the idea that is placed in you is, do it (of course if it’s legal and responsible). I never imagined I would be making candles or making YouTube videos built around my love of flowers but here I am! It’s the vision that was given to me and I am here to live it through.


Again, if you’d like to share in your love of flowers, head over to our shop page and get your multifaceted™ flower candles! Or you can watch our new YouTube channel and learn how to make stunning flower arrangements!


Have the BEST day people. And remember, life is short. Burn the candles.



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