Honoring women during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Honoring women during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Five years ago, I was outside with my dad helping him cook on the grill as we were preparing to have family over to celebrate Father’s Day. I remember my aunt coming out to give me a hug and have our normal catching up chat. Then the conversation turned very serious. She told my sister and I that she had something serious to tell us. Immediately my heart dropped. Naturally my mind is going to a thousand different places of what was going to come out of her mouth next.


My aunt proceeded to inform me that she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I held myself together as I comforted my aunt and my sister in a group hug and whispered to my aunt “you are going to beat this and be better in the end because of it. This will one day be your testimony.” My aunt agreed with me. She had already set in her mind that she was going to be a survivor and that this was just a chapter in her story.


It’s been five years and I am happy to say that my aunt is cancer free and doing just what she said. She is sharing her story as a survivor.


Our family watched my aunt transition through the ups and downs on chemotherapy and treatments. It was more real than I could have ever imagined. Watching her and listening to her stories of the experiences she was going through strengthened our bond and made me admire her even more.



As a tribute to all women that are currently battling Breast Cancer, are Breast Cancer survivors or lost their fight to Breast Cancer, I wanted to honor them through a special edition candle from Multifaceted™. We are a brand celebrating all people and honoring significant awareness months in humanity. This month, we are honoring Breast Cancer Awareness month.


I started planning my ideas around this collection months ago and debated on several different concept ideas. I landed on our pink flower top candle bouquets as a symbolism to pink flowers that represent Breast Cancer Awareness Month and still stayed true to the Multifaceted™ branding theme. I absolutely love how they have turned out.


There are three different candle options to select from: our single pink rose, representing grace, appreciation, joy, and elegance; our single pink peony, representing riches, honor, and compassion; and our carnation and budding peony bundle representing the true flower of Breast Cancer Awareness month with the pink carnation. The pink carnation is a representation of never-ending love and gratitude.


The scent is just as unique and special as the candle itself. I named the scent “Breast Cancer Sucks” because, well, it does. Thankfully I am still able to celebrate and honor my aunt as a survivor but there are many that cannot say that. For that and all the additional hurtles that are a part of beating cancer, it just sucks. This scent is a sophisticated blend of sweet fruits, vanilla, amber and, of course, musk (I literally put that in like everything).


Now onto the important part of the candle. All proceeds from the purchase of this Multifaceted™ Breast Cancer Awareness candle will be donated to the Norville Cancer Care Center in honor of my aunt. The Norville Cancer Care Center is a part of the Alamance Regional hospital in Burlington, NC. She specifically asked me to make the donation out to The Pink Ribbon, which is a charity organization within the cancer center that helps breast cancer fighters with whatever they need.


My aunt explained to me that The Pink Ribbon organization has paid Breast Cancer fighter’s bills as they have been in the hospital or not able to work as much due to treatments; they have helped families with childcare as fighters are going through treatment; and even flew a fighter’s parents from Mexico to visit with her before she lost her battle and passed away. This organization helped my aunt along with so many other women. And for that, I couldn’t think of a better way to make an additional difference with this collection.


Please note that all proceeds, yes ALL, will be donated to this organization on behalf of my aunt’s request. I really am striving to make a difference in the lives of people, women and the world. Our line of candles may be viewed as pretty (which they are) but they have significant meaning in contributing to the world for the better.


I am so happy, thrilled, and proud of this collection. I hope that you will help me in making a difference in the month of October and make your purchase for our Multifaceted™ Breast Cancer Awareness candle! Let’s do our part to help fight Breast Cancer and help out those that are battling it.



Remember, life is short, burn the candles ; )




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