Our Spring scents are officially here!

Our Spring scents are officially here!

This blog post is a little late but….better late than never, right! We have officially released our latest collection of spring scents! If you haven’t seen or heard about them yet, you are in for a treat with this blog post. Our three spring scents were released just one week ago so it has been perfect timing with the weather headed our way this weekend.


When planning for this collection, we wanted to bring in a lot of “green” and fresh scents. We wanted to incorporate a lot of natural elements and premium essential oils that are traditionally seen in high fashion fragrance houses but made the Multifaceted™ way.


Let’s start with our first scent, spring. Spring is the same scent that we had last year in our seasonal collection. Spring is a blend of a lot of beautiful notes that get you ready for vacation. This amazingly sweet fragrance blends coconuts, bamboo, pineapple, vanilla, and green florals. Our Spring fragrance oil is also infused with natural essential oils, including lemon, cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavandin, patchouli, and spearmint. We looked high and low for the perfect scent, and we found it with this beautiful blend.


We also introduced two new scents in our Spring collection: Earth and Santal.


Earth is a unique blend of earthy aromas that invite a calming mood for your home in this sophisticated scent. Earth blends our key ingredient, vetiver, originating from India and reaching to the tropical areas across the world. This scent is our blend of citrus, earthiness aromas and musk to invite a soothing scent for your home. Natural essential oils are blended in this amazing scent including elemi, fir balsam, geranium, orange, patchouli, and vetiver. When this scent was presented to us last year, we knew Spring was the perfect time to feature this amazing aroma. It has quickly become one of my favorites in the line for those days you want to complement your home with a comforting scent.

Santal introduces our very first layered candle to our brand. Layered candles bring you a new, elevated candle experience to your everyday life. I’ve experienced the scent Santal from the premium brand Diptyque and had a desire to create our Multifaceted™ version of this amazing essential oil.


Our Santal scented candle combines rich aromas of sandalwood, amber, saffron and iris flowers to bring you a unique masculine scent to enjoy. This layered scent starts with a top layer that is a light yet sweet masculine scent and finishes into a sandalwood and musk bottom layer. It's truly a scent that keeps giving.


Santal is topped with a unique scent that is one of my personal favorites, Palo Santo. I burn Palo Santo just about every morning. It helps set the tone for my day. In case you are wondering, Palo Santo is a natural wood that is burnt to clear out negative energy in your space. The negative energy is cleansed and leaves the positive energy for you to absorb and set your space in positivity.


The bottom layer is an essential oil scent known as sandalwood that is enhanced by amber, musk, violet, cardamon, iris and leather. Santal is a premium scent that we are exceptionally proud to have as part of our candle scent experiences. This premium layered candle combination is sure to enhance the aromas of your home.



We hope you are as excited about our new scents for the Spring as we are!  You will be sure to enjoy our candles as they slowly burn and the aromas fill your home with happiness, the eco-friendly way. Place your purchase today and receive 20% off all three amazing scents!


And remember. Life is short, burn the candles.



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