We're Featured with Made in Greensboro!!

We're Featured with Made in Greensboro!!

We’ve been featured in the popular local publication of Made in Greensboro!! It’s a secret I’ve been holding since September (and boy was it hard). I’m always anxious to share all the good news about the growth and exposure of Multifaceted™ but I really had to keep this one to myself.


One day I was doing my normal morning routine (make coffee, fix breakfast and head down to the basement to work) and I saw an email from one of the employees of the Chamber of Commerce. I instantly thought to myself “oh this is just someone asking me to join with the Chamber of Commerce as a local business owner.” Boy was I wrong! It was an invitation to be featured in the local campaign Made in Greensboro! I quickly responded and accepted the invitation. I have followed Made in Greensboro for years to learn and explore new businesses and local entrepreneurs so when it was my turn, I was naturally extremely excited.


So, let’s talk about what happened after I accepted the invitation to be featured. I was able to pick the location, how I wanted to show up as the face of the brand and what I wanted to wear. It was actually harder than I thought, especially since I do not have my own public workspace for Multifaceted™ just yet.


I’ll start with the location. I asked my amazing Pilates instructor/friend, Amanda, could I use her amazing space at Revolution Mills for the photoshoot since we are both like-minded and the aesthetic of her space matches the brand. She so graciously accepted! Shout out to Amanda Smith, owner of Core Integrity Pilates, for allowing me to use her space! I’m forever grateful : )


Ok so we have the location done. Check mate. What’s next?


The overall look and wardrobe. I thought this would be easy for me since my professional background is in apparel. I knew I wanted to wear a dress and be well put together. I ventured into Torrid to find a cute dress that had a little personality for my photoshoot outfit. My intentions were to wear black, of course, because that is the color I always show up in with branding. Something told me to switch it and try some color so I picked this GORGEOUS emerald green dress to bring the shoot to life. I love love love the way it turned out and it matches the holiday aesthetics that we are currently in with our branding so it’s a win win!


Next on the list of things to bring this shoot to life was the face & hair. I have to give a major shout out to my cousin, owner of Kenya Beats, for doing my makeup and fluffing my hair to bring this shoot to life. She only asked for a picture of the dress I was wearing, and the rest was up to her. She did an AMAZING job!


Bringing in the product and staging was an easy part of the shoot. That is something I’m so used to plus I already knew how I wanted the brand to come to life. I wanted everything to be bright, airy, bohemian, natural and clean. I think it turned out pretty awesome.


I must give a HUGE shout out to Kendra Knight Photography for the images. She is an amazing photographer and human being. I am so grateful to have met her. Naturally another HUGE thank you to the Made in Greensboro campaign and the Chamber of Commerce. To have this offer extended to me as a fairly new business owner is simply amazing.


Credit is also owed to my amazing mentor, Beth Boulton, owner of Boulton Creative, for nominating me to be a part of the campaign. My heart and this brand will forever be grateful for her 


Please see the entire article here (in case you missed it)


I hope that you were able to experience the joy of seeing Multifaceted™ being celebrated in the area! It has been an amazing and surreal journey to get this far. Thank you for coming along : )


Remember, life is short. Burn the candles (I can always give you a refill anyway ; )


- Christina


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