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Sunflower Flower Top - Eco-Friendly

Sunflower Flower Top - Eco-Friendly

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Experience the power of nature’s most influential plants with our Multifaceted™ exclusive Sunflower Top. This unique scent embodies longevity, strength and positivity to help you achieve your full potential.


Sunflower is the perfect scent for warmer days, blending notes of coconut, Egyptian musk, white tea, and amber to create a rich and earthy mix. Once burnt, this fragrance starts out as a warm coconut & citrus smell with its cold throw; then invites floral scents and lavender.

Note Profile:

Top: Lemongrass, Citrus
Middle: Coconut, Amber, Lavender
Base: Egyptian Musk, White tea, Florals


Our Product Highlights:

  • Available in 8oz and 2.5oz
  • Vegan
  • Long, clean burn time 
  • Hand dyed natural wax
  • Natural lead & zinc free wick
  • Made from a natural coconut & soy wax blend
  • Toxin-free (no parabens, no phthalates)
  • In sustainable heavy premium glass vessels (30% recycled glass)
  • Exclusive Sunflower top design
  • Ethically sourced by women of color 
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