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Candle Wick Care Kit with Long Stem Matches

Candle Wick Care Kit with Long Stem Matches

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The Multifaceted™ Candle Wick Care Kit is a great addition for any candle lover! Maximize the burn life of your candles with our high quality wick care products. The long stem matches are included to give you an even more impressive lighting experience.

Our Product Highlights:

This kit includes a wick dipper, wick trimmer, long stem matches with strike pad & an all natural jute storage bag.

  • Wick Dipper: Use to reposition shifted wicks back to center of candle for even burning, and to extinguish your candle flame without smoke or smoldering. Simply dip the wick in the wax.
  • Wick Trimmer: Maintain optimum burn quality with a properly trimmed candle wick. Our trimmer helps keep candle wicks neat, trimmed and clean-burning while keeping debris from falling into the wax. Trim every 3-4 hours while burning.
  • Care Kit All Natural Jute Storage Bag: Our Wick Care Kits are stored in eco-friendly burlap drawstring bags.
  • Black Long Stem Matches: Spark happiness with our set of 25 all-black long stem matches with strike pad (on bottom of container). Additional replacement strike pads included.
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