Cheers to the New Year!

Cheers to the New Year!

As 2021 is coming to an unexpectedly quick end, we’ve taken a moment to reflect on how far we have come this year. Let me start with the fact that this year has flown by. I feel like I just released the blog post that summed up 2020 reflections. 2021 has been filled with busy days and a lot of joy while building this brand.


Let’s take a moment and reflect on multifaceted™ over the past 365 days! We have been busy, busy, busy! We have accomplished quite a bit this year:

  • Made over 900 candles
  • Partnered with GSO Curb Market for selling to guest in person
  • Featured business in Made in GSO (see article here)
  • Introduced newly redesigned flower top candles (still drooling over how gorgeous these are by the way)
  • Launched our candle pour experience courses
  • Launched custom candle option
  • Introduced wholesale
  • Introduced Private Label candle platform with growing list of clients 

First things first, we have made over 900 candles this year. Just typing that is insane to me. 900 candles equal 497 pounds of wax and 50 pounds of our premium fragrance oils. All 900 candles were hand poured with a lot of joy, fulfillment & happiness! I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings in our level of year over year growth!   


One of the best decisions that we made in 2021 was partnering with the Greensboro Curb Market. This was always a highlight of my week. Waking up every Saturday to go to the market and meet new people was always worth waking up at 5:30 (I’m not a morning person so that’s super early for me). It is always a joy to meet people and share more information about multifaceted™ and how we are bringing more joy to the world with our candles. We plan to attend the market even more next year! We can’t wait to see you in 2022 with new inventory and new products for you to experience!


Our feature with the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce in the Made in Greensboro platform was a significant milestone in 2021. I still get a lot of attention from being a featured business in that article. If you missed this feature, please see it here! We gained a lot of new customers and believers in our brand after being featured in the Made in Greensboro article. I’m still googly eyed about it!


We also expanded significantly in 2021 with new business developments to continue to grow the brand multifaceted™. I’ll start with the first development we had in 2021. We relaunched our flower top candles with an exclusive and all new design. We hired someone to develop the flower tops for us and are currently in the process of getting those designs patented (so freaking exciting)! Maybe 2022 will bring new flower top additions? Only time will tell ; )


In the summer of 2021, we launched several developments that we worked on behind the scenes for several months. To summarize what we added as additions to the brand, just see the list below! 

  • launched our Candle Pour Experience Courses
  • launched Custom Candle option
  • introduced Wholesale
  • introduced Private Label candle platform with growing list of clients


The candle pour experience is by far the most fun addition to 2021. We have had several events this year and we have such a blast with people and making their own custom candles. Our candle pour experience courses are available for private events and for partnerships with local businesses. Both are equally fun and receive rave reviews.


Our custom candle additions have gained traction for us. Several people get really excited about the idea of having an item made just for them and having the option to fully customize their candles. The custom candle option allows our clients to create custom favors, event keepsakes, thank you gifts or whatever they need!


Wholesale has been on our business plan since day one of launching this business. Once we were actually ready to launch it, I was instantly nervous. Growth can be a very scary thing and launching wholesale was definitely a pretty major level of growth. I still smile at every inquiry we get from wholesale partners. Let the inquiries increase and roll in for 2022!


Another addition we added to our brand was our Private Label candle platform. This allows us to work one on one with business owners in launching their own branded candles. This addition has kept us quite busy! We have a growing list of clients that we have been happy to work with in successfully launching new products for their brands! Cheers to more private label clients in 2022!


It’s been a busy year filled with introducing several new categories. We are ecstatic to watch them grow in 2022! We can’t thank each and every one of you for all your love and support in multifaceted™. You are truly watching a dream come true with every single candle. We can’t thank you enough for coming along on the journey.


Cheers to 2022 and continued growth for multifaceted™!


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