Multifaceted™ Autumn Scent Collection

Autumn is Officially Here!!!

It’s been a while since a blog has been written on Multifaceted™. Allow me to share that growing this business has been quite demanding over the past several months. Introducing our new wholesale partners, attending trade shows, and running this business in general has been nothing short of two words: demanding and amazing. Please be patient with me as we go into peak candle season which is also quite demanding.


But let’s get to the primary purpose of this blog. It’s officially the first day of fall! With fall comes the time to enjoy outdoors without burning up from the heat, watch the leaves change colors, pull out your cozy wardrobe pieces and enhance your home with amazing new aromas! If you’re ready to introduce a new scent for the season in your home, just keep reading and see what we have for you!


Our Autumn collection reintroduces a few Multifaceted™ favorites and a new scent that has been selling way better than I expected. They all have their own unique blend and pour in all the cozy vibes for the cooler weather ahead.


Autumn Harvest is one of our fan favorite scents! Autumn Harvest is a blend of all things fall including apples, oranges, cinnamon, cider, cedarwood, red wine and cranberries. This scent is a warm inviting scent that is sure to bring a cozy aroma to your home.


Of course, we have our fan favorite, Old Fashioned, again this season! This scent has been sought after since this scent sold out last year. This scent blends oranges, whiskey and a splash of cinnamon to capture the aroma of this classic cocktail! If you like a masculine yet sweet scent, our Old Fashioned is for you! For those who have been waiting, grab them while you can!



In the south, we love classic winter desserts. I classic debate of “favorite holiday desserts” is usually the debate between Pumpkin Pie and Sweet Potato Pie. Well, clearly, we have a definite winner. We will ALWAYS choose Sweet Potato Pie any day. It’s a yummy, simple, classic pie that smells up your home with the smell of family gatherings and the capstone of a great meal. Our Sweet Potato Pie smells exactly like the pie! You can make the pie or just burn the candle. I promise we won’t tell.



The new scent this season is our Black Currant. This new scent is our most lavish autumn scent in the Multifaceted™ collection. Imagine the smell of berries, oranges and vodka blended to create a candle scent! We added our favorite earthy notes (musk, amber and eucalyptus) to balance out the sweetness of this complex blend. Black Currant is so good. You must try it! It has quickly become our best seller for this seasonal collection.


All our Autumn scents are housed in our classic recycled glass vessels. This seasonal color is a beautiful matte antique green color. The green is quite subtle and will easily compliment your home. Place your order soon and try all four of our amazing Autumn scents in our collection! You will not be disappointed.


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