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SALE - All Natural Beeswax - Natural Color - Eco-Friendly 4 oz.

SALE - All Natural Beeswax - Natural Color - Eco-Friendly 4 oz.

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Experience our all natural beeswax made the Multifaceted™ way. Our beeswax additions are triple filtered from all natural beeswax from North Carolina beekeepers. Let this naturally scented candle purify the air in your home with a light natural scent of honey. 


Naturally scented (we let the bees naturally add the fragrance) 

Our Product Highlights:

  • 4oz
  • Made from pure, all natural beeswax
  • Hand dyed with blue vegan coloring
  • 30+ hour burn time
  • Clean-burning
  • Natural lead & zinc free wick
  • In sustainable heavy premium glass vessels (100% recycled glass)
  • Ethically sourced by women of color 

Beeswax Benefits:

Beeswax asks as a natural air purifier. When beeswax burns, negative ions are released into the air and bind with the positive ions in the air s.a. dust, pollen, odors, toxins that may be floating in you air. This helps to remove the pollute creating cleaner, more pure air.

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