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Candle Wick Care Tool Kit

Candle Wick Care Tool Kit

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Maximize the candle burn life and make your Multifaceted™ candles more enjoyable with this candle wick care kit that includes all you need for upkeep, including a wick trimmer and wick dipper. Use them to keep your candles burning strong and to extend your costs. Great additions for candle lovers!

Our Product Highlights:

This kit includes a wick dipper, wick trimmer & an all natural jute storage bag.

  • Wick Dipper: Use to reposition shifted wicks back to center of candle for even burning, and to extinguish your candle flame without smoke or smoldering. Simply dip the wick in the wax.
  • Wick Trimmer: Maintain optimum burn quality with a properly trimmed candle wick. Our trimmer helps keep candle wicks neat, trimmed and clean-burning while keeping debris from falling into the wax. Trim every 3-4 hours while burning.
  • Care Kit All Natural Jute Storage Bag: Our Wick Care Kits are stored in eco-friendly burlap drawstring bags.
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