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Hibiscus Flower Candle - Eco-Friendly

Hibiscus Flower Candle - Eco-Friendly

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Introducing our newest addition to the flower candle collection: the magenta Hibiscus. A symbol of beauty, love, and femininity, this bold color adds a touch of elegance to our product line.

Scent: Transport your senses to a tropical paradise with the invigorating scents of honeydew melon, tangy lime, refreshing agave, crisp green leaves, delicate white tea, zesty bergamot, spicy ginger, and soothing white tea.

Product highlights:

  • available in 8oz and 2.5oz
  • long, clean burn time
  • hand blended vegan dye
  • biodegradable candle box included
  • natural lead & zinc free wick
  • hibiscus flower top design is copyright pending

Multifaceted™ candles are:
  • hand-crafted
  • eco-friendly
  • clean burning
  • made from a natural coconut & soy wax blend toxin-free (no parabens, no phthalates)
  • developed from renewable sources in sustainable heavy premium glass vessels (30% recycled glass)
  • shipped in recycled cardboard
  • scented with fragrance oils free from harmful chemicals
  • ethically sourced by women of color
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